Unique Clothing, Hats, and More

PDM OFFICIAL WEAR of Detroit,  specializes in music related apparel. Our original duds speaks volumes with a simple but powerful statement "Play Detroit Music".  Our products are Detroit-designed. PDM WEAR duds, hoodies and more are made of the highest quality and the softest materials - cotton and polyester blends and 100% ring-spun cottonPDM OFFICIAL WEAR is the perfect blend of Fashion and Statement, infused to create a timeless classic.


Our clothing in original, distressed, foreshortened and Flag Series designs, is available in variety of colors in the following forms:

  • Duds

  • Hoodies

  • Long-Sleeved Shirts

  • Sweatshirts
Special Orders

Let us prepare a special order for you. Our apparel is high quality and our Duds are 100% ring-spun cotton.  Please email us your ideas for color combinations, ideas and etc.  Purchase PDM Official wear because it visualizes the statement that speaks the heart and mind of Detroit artist and listeners alike.    "PLAY DETROIT MUSIC"