about us

     Play Detroit Music is an epic step towards showcasing the plethora of talent that derives from Detroit's rich history in both mainstream & underground music scenes. PDM is geared to highlight Detroit's influence on every genre of music. From the musical geniuses of Motown, to the birthplace of Techno, Detroit is a quiet giant behind the music scene, and PDM is the digital home for Detroit's music profile. Our turtle mascot is modeled after a sculpture featured in the famous Detroit monument - "The Belle Isle Fountain" -  The PDM OFFICIAL mascot symbolizes the story of the tortoise and the hare.  After the Motown era Detroit was scarcely recognized for it's musical contribution's.  Since, Detroit artist have had a hard time moving forward due to the lack of sustainability and few exposure opportunities within it's music community.

     Play Detroit Music will provide awareness for a tribe for musicians, writers, and performers alike. Slow and steady wins this race.  PDM Official also serves as a music authority with our Detroit entertainment blog (coming soon!) that provides interviews with Detroit artists, photos, videos, and recaps from concerts and music events across the city.  The musically talented are not in short supply here, and PDM OFFICIAL is excited about creating an outlet that adds visibility and recognition. With our blog and apparel line we'll put the spotlight on all music genres in Detroit. We will celebrate my music, your music, and collectively, our music.